Hero Training


High Intensity Interval Training

At Hero Training gym, you will find training programs for groups and individuals. Our workouts include a trendy HIIT (or High-Intensity Interval Training) training style. But what is HIIT? HIIT cardio exercises consist of short bursts of activity lasting between ten seconds and eight minutes, with you exercising at 80-90% of your maximum heart rate for the duration.

Functional Strength Training

This training focuses on working several muscles and joints to increase performance in areas other than fitness, such as everyday tasks.

Sports Specific Training

Sport-specific training helps you avoid injuries and increase your performance. It is a unique workout in a weight room you later transfer to the playing field and sports arena.

Endurance and Conditioning Training

At our endurance and conditioning training, we teach you how to maintain or repeat a certain level of effort with minimal fatigue.

Corrective Training

We use our knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and kinesiology to determine the root cause of faulty movement patterns that lead to bad posture, balance, and body coordination.

Performance Training Exercises

We have carefully designed training exercises to improve your
coordination, explosive power, speed, and specific skills.


What muscles do squats work? Squats are dynamic strength exercises that engage several muscles in your core and lower body.


When done correctly, the deadlift can strengthen your bones, work every muscle from neck to toe, and put your grip power and core to the ultimate test.

Bench Press

With bench press exercise, you’ll see steady increases in strength and growth gains in the chest, front shoulders, and triceps.

Rowing Machine

Rowing is an excellent lower and upper body workout. Every stroke engages 85% of your body, helping you improve power, strength, and endurance.


SkiERG is a multi-purpose machine originally designed as a training tool for cross country skiers that offers an upper and lower body workout for any fitness or sporting goal.

Assault Air Bike

A calorie-burning workout that makes you push, pull, and pedal against the air bike’s resistance that gets more intense as you go.